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The Process

Finger-jointing is a method to create long lengths of lumber from short pieces. Sources of short pieces can be mill ends (trimblocks) or pieces cut from low-grade lumber.

Finger jointing short pieces of lumber has become an increasingly popular method of reducing wood waste and utilizing shorts to realize maximum profit from the steadily rising cost of raw materials. Full utilization of our timber resources

Finger jointing lumber for both structural and non-structural uses has proven to be very successful over the years, and is now fully sanctioned by the building and lumber industry and trade organizations associated with these industries.

In the process of preparing trimblocks for the jointing process, defects such as knots and wane are cut out making the newly created stud lumber more straight and true for framing with less waste. Damaged or defective blocks are edged to a width dimension that maximizes both fibre utilization and our strict policy standards.


  • We produce 2x3, 2x4 and 2x6 stud grade.
  • We also produce a premium 2x4 product which matches stud criteria with an enhanced visual appearance and a true 3.5" width.
  • We precision end trim (PET) in lengths from 87" to 120" to our exact customers specification.
  • Our products are rigorously tested to ensure glue and structural integrity are above the standard.


Safety is first


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