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Company Info

Formed in 1995, Tl'oh Forest Products LP has operated successfully as a partnership between Apollo Forest Product and Nak'azdli First Nations.

The original business was 75% i-joist and 25% finger jointing. Shortly after starting, the decision was made to close the i-joist facility and expand the finger-joining production. In 2002 there was the further expansion of finger joint production with the creation of our second business Ta-Da-Chun. Finger jointing remains our core production today.

Tl'oh - The word represents the lower end of the reserve adjacent to the Necoslie river. The term Tl'oh refers to grassy area.

Ta-Da-Chun - Taduchun means wet/green wood. Reference to the area of our timber licence in the nation area where we have spruce trees and balsm.

About Nak'azdli / Fort St. James

Nak'azdli territory is the homeland of the dene / dakelh located in central BC covering and estimated 25,817 sq. kilometers. Nak'azdli people have a strong link to the sekani people in the north through historical relationships. First nation people continue to practice their culture of subsistence hunting and gathering while protecting the environment and supporting sustainable resource development.

Founded by Simon Fraser in 1806 as a trading post for the North West Company, Fort St. James is a national historic site. Located on the shores of beautiful Stuart Lake, Fort St. James was a major centre of trade and commerce in the 19th century fur trade, built upon relationships and interactions between the fur traders and the native people of the region, the Carrier First Nations.

Fort St. James is an energetic, active and diverse community that genuinely reflects the northern way of life. The community is the gateway to a chain of rivers and lakes that traverse 400 kilometers of central British Columbia. The population of the Fort St. James area, including the municipality, rural areas and First Nations, is approximately 4,500 people. Year-round outdoor and indoor recreational opportunities abound. On the cultural side, residents enjoy an active Community Arts Council, an amateur theatre company, a movie theatre and a public library.

In addition to a well-established forest industry, the community of Fort St. James supports a growing mining sector and tourism industry.

Fort St. James has three elementary schools, a high school, an adult education centre and a satellite campus of the College of New Caledonia. CNC’s main campus and the University of Northern British Columbia are located less than a two-hour drive away. The community boasts a local medical clinic operated by a non-profit society whose members are highly committed to having full-time doctors living and working in the community and providing quality care through the clinic as well as through Stuart Lake Hospital and the Northern Interior Health Unit.

Fort St. James is a community that is known for opening its doors and showing its visitors and new residents the beauty of the north. It is located approximately 160 km north-west of Prince George.


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