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The Sinclar Advantage

<empty>It's our history.

The Sinclar Group and its member companies have been valuable members of their communities since 1962 and remain true to a commitment to make every link in the supply chain strong.

Since the first mill was acquired by Ivan Andersen and Bob Stewart, the company has continued to pursue growth that creates jobs, encourages environmental stewardship, fosters innovation and, most importantly, strengthens our communities.

As industry leaders we know that our customers rely on the consistency of our premium lumber products. As local owners we live and work in our communities, and understand that strong communities build strong business.

We will continue to operate our businesses in a manner that honours our history and secures a stable future for our employees and our neighbours while providing the highest quality products to our valued customers.


Where to Buy

Sinclar Group sells its lumber through lumber distributors and wholesalers and, in special cases, to the end user.

If you are a contractor or a lumber yard and are interested in using or selling Sinclar Group's products, please contact us at 1.800.842.7883 to find a dealer near you.



SPF Studs

Size PET Lengths Grades
S4S EE 2x3 5' Stud, Economy
    6' Stud, Economy
    7' Stud, Economy
    7'6" Stud
    8' #2 Premium, Stud, Economy
    9' Stud
S4S EE 2x4 5' #2, Stud, Economy
    6' #1 J Grade, #2, Stud, Economy
    7' #2, Stud, Economy
    7'6" Stud
    8' #1 Export, Hiline, #2, Stud, Market stud, Economy
    9' #1 Export, #2, Stud
S4S EE 2x6 5' Stud, Economy
    6' Stud, Economy
    7' Stud, Economy
    7'6" Stud
    8' #1 Export, #2, Stud, Market stud, Economy
    9' Stud

SPF Boards

Size PET Lengths Grades
S2S1E 1x2 8' 3&Btr(10-15% #4)
S4S 1x3 5' - 8' 3&Btr(10-15% #4), Economy
  1x4 5' - 8' 3&Btr(10-15% #4), Economy


Services Offered

  • Barcoding
  • Sub-bundling
  • 1/2 Packs
  • Endpaint
  • Mixed Loadings


  • Apollo
  • Lakeland
  • Nechako


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