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Premium Pellet Ltd.
"Our primary goal at Premium Pellet is to be an international biomass energy producer, providing a high quality value added product that will provide a competitive, environmentally based energy source."


Welcome to Premium Pellet Ltd.

Premium Pellet Ltd. (Premium Pellet) has become a household name in Vanderhoof, British Columbia, where it has been in operation since 2001. The plant is wholly owned and operated by Nechako Lumber Co. Ltd., a division of Sinclar Group Forest Products. Premium Pellet is your choice for environmentally friendly, premium quality pellets. As part of Sinclar's focus on driving value from the full fibre basket, we are recovering fibre from harvesting areas that do not meet our sawmill specifications and directing that fibre for pelletizing in our plant.


Production Availability and Volume


Premium Pellet has a current production capability of 170,000 tonnes of high quality, premium grade wood pellets annually. The pellet mill is positioned on a major highway and a major rail line and has been designed for efficient operations, shipping and handling.

The vast majority of pellets produced are sold in bulk to overseas markets, but a small amount is packaged in 40lb bags for the local home heating market.

Local Retailers:

Vanderhoof Fraser Lake Fort St. James
Bonfire Pellet & Wood Heating Fraser Lake Ace Building Centre Ouellet Bros. Building Supplies
Four Rivers Co-operative    
Peavey Mart    
Nechako Valley Feeds    



Environmental Stewardship


Premium Pellet ensures a constant, reliable and environmentally friendly fiber stream by sourcing wood waste fibre from community sawmills and recovers non sawlog fibre from harvesting operations. Sinclar Group manages its forest land base to not only meet, but exceed all provincial forest laws and regulations.

  • Planning, harvesting and reforestation ensures sustainability of the forest resources while addressing hydrology, wildlife, aquatic life, biodiversity, forest health, recreation visual quality, cultural resources and other industrial values.
  • Sinclar Group operations are certified to the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification, Chain of Custody (PEFC CoC) and the Sustainable Biomass Production (SBP) standards

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