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Apollo Forest Products Ltd.  Fort St. James, BC

Apollo Forest Products Ltd. (Apollo) has been in operation in Fort St. James since 1969. The company began operations with a contract to provide railway ties to BC Rail.

Through strategic management and sound forestry practices, Apollo has secured a considerable allotment of timber licenses and has a current Allowable Annual Cut of 216,746 m3. It is located 10 km northeast of the town of Fort St. James along the Tachie Highway.

Apollo also has a partnership agreement with the Nak'azdli First Nation in Tl'oh Forest Products Ltd. The forest licence for Ta Da Chun Timber is connected to this facility. Although Apollo provides various levels of support to the community of Fort St. James, we believe that our biggest contribution to the economic well-being of the community is through the maintenance of employment. Therefore, we strive to run an efficient and prosperous operation in the woods, the office, and in our milling facilities. We have positioned ourselves to remain a viable long term employer in the region.

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Lakeland Mills Ltd.  Prince George, BC

Lakeland Mills Ltd. was owned and operated by three long-term local residents, Ivan Andersen, Bob Stewart and George Killy, from 1973 until 1995, when Mr. Killy sold his interest in the company to Canadian Forest Products Ltd. In 2015, Canadian Forest Products Ltd. sold its interest to the Stewart family. The Andersen and Stewart families remain actively involved in the company.

Our state-of-the-art sawmill and planer mill complex was upgraded in 1980 and has undergone significant renovations and improvements during the past three decades as technology has advanced, including a hot oil energy system for drying lumber. Attention is given to realizing the greatest value and lumber volume from each log processed ensuring we maximize the benefit from this renewable resource.

Lakeland's primary products are premium grade, precision end-trimmed kiln dried 2x4 studs, as well as 2x6 and 2x3 studs, and1x3 and 1x4 board stock. Byproducts include wood chips and hog fuel. Lakeland has two partnerships to supply fibre for bioenergy systems: one for the Prince George District Energy System; the other for the UNBC/Nexterra Gasification System.

Our global customer base appreciates the commitment to quality Lakeland products deliver.

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Nechako Lumber Co. Ltd.  Vanderhoof, BC

Nechako Lumber Co. Ltd. began production in 1969, purchasing rough lumber from bush mills located around the Vanderhoof area. With the addition in 1973 of the L&M Lumber sawmill, the site focused its supply chain on the abundance of small profile timber that was available as a result of large scale clearing of agricultural land in the Vanderhoof area. The sawmill has maintained its dominance in small diameter timber processing, utilizing a product that was previously piled and burned, creating value and reducing waste. In 2017, L&M Lumber was merged into Nechako Lumber Co. Ltd.

When the original planer mill burned to the ground in 1991, a new, state-of-the-art plant was built in its place and has been the site of constant improvements in energy, waste management and quality control.

Nechako Lumber Co. Ltd. has dedicated significant resources to developing an environmentally-sustainable operation. In 1999 an investment was made to install a thermal oil/wood residue incineration site in Vanderhoof. This system is used to heat the sawmill, the planer mill and dry lumber in the kilns, effectively and economically disposing of wood waste while avoiding the beehive burner and its resulting air pollution.

In addition to the lumber manufacturing operations, Nechako Lumber Co. Ltd. operates Premium Pellet Ltd., which turns sawdust and planer shavings into wood pellets for domestic heating and power production.

Nechako Lumber Co., along with Premium Pellet, has developed a strong working relationship with the Saik’uz First Nation. The Saik’uz has been one of three primary contractors to Nechako. Over the years, our companies have helped build operational capacity within the Saik’uz, and hired numerous band members in the mill, pellet plant and silviculture operations.

Nechako Lumber Co. produces high-quality 2x3, 2x4 and 2x6 studs for domestic and export markets, as well as 1x2, 1x3 and 1x4 board stock. These products are shipped within Canada and are also exported around the world.


Premium Pellet Ltd.  Vanderhoof, BC

Premium Pellet Ltd. is a wood fibre pellet producer located in Vanderhoof, BC. The plant opened in February 2001 and is wholly owned and operated by Nechako Lumber Co. Ltd.

The plant produces 170,000 tonnes of pellets from white wood waste (sawdust, shavings and fines) with raw material from Nechako Lumber Co. Ltd. and other sources in the region. The vast majority of pellets produced are sold in bulk to overseas markets, but a small amount is packaged for the local home heating market.

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Winton Homes & Cottages  Prince George, BC

Winton Homes & Cottages has over 30 years experience as one of British Columbia's leaders in building quality pre-manufactured homes and cottages. We also produce engineered housing components such as roof trusses and floor systems. All of our products contain premium lumber that meets our exacting standards for quality and code requirements. We are widely recognized as the leader in manufacturing and distribution of a full range of premium lumber products, engineered wood products, custom homes and cottages.

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