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Workplace Safety


At Sinclar Group, safety is rooted in our core values. We are focused on the continuous improvement of safety systems and processes, and on individual accountability – essential to our operations and you.


Workplace Health & Safety Policy Statement

Sinclar Group Forest Products Ltd. is committed to operating safely and providing everyone that works in the organization the right to a safe, healthy workplace. The prevention of workplace accidents, injury, illness and disability is a priority and is part of Sinclars’ core values.

Sinclar will provide a healthy and safe work environment for all employees, contractors and other stakeholders doing business within the company, and Sinclar will expect a reciprocal commitment to safety and safe work practices. Sinclar will manage safety in a responsible and conscientious manner as a core competency to drive the success of the business. Health and Safety practices will be integrated into the company’s core values, culture, overall business management, operational and maintenance procedures, and planning processes. Sinclar will strive to be a top quartile industry leader in accident and injury prevention and focus on continuous improvement of health and safety.


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